Hi tumblr,so sad knowing that tonight is my last night in Bandung…so yeah tomorrow im heading to Lampung to do registrasi ulang and will stay there for the next six years.I feel a little bit afraid but i have to face it i know,there’s a quotes that always cheer me up and that is “success never come from your comfort zone”, well..it would be hard i know, ive been seven years in Bandung and i love this city with the whole people here but…i have to,this is my choice and i have to be conssistent of what i choose.So thank you Bandung for all the lesson learned,im gonna miss this place so much,and probably this is my last post,well not really last but i bet im going to be busier and…you know all the ospek and propti thing will took my whole time haha.Goodnite tumblr and you,whoever you are.

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TAYLOR SWIFT + the 4 elements ; color mood boards    

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